Message from the President                            

The Society of Bangladeshi Solicitors was established in 2008 and I am one of the initiators who felt to have a platform for our professional colleagues. This organisation was established with various aims in order serve the members of the Profession as well as Community.

It is my pleasure that I am the first elected president of the Society of Bangladeshi Solicitors and I am committed to take the Society forward. The members of the Governing Body are passionate to organise dynamic events and our members are proactive to support our events and our community is delighted to collaborate.

Our society has advanced with wisdom, courage and innovation for the years and continues with more impetus to have purpose and relevance to this day.

The Society is going forward with the cooperation of its member and other professional colleagues within the British Bangladeshi Community and it has already proved that it made a significant contribution in the meantime in the community legal practice.

It is my constitutional duty to preserve professional interest, dignity and tradition of the members, do further research and provide education and training law and practice, as well as, to help and assist the poor and disadvantaged to deal with the legal matters and to create legal awareness in the community at large.

It is a platform where we can learn and share our experiences with our colleagues to promote our services within our community.

I wish every success of this association and appreciate of help by the other to become a successful organisation.

It is my aim to extend the service of the Society in the benefit of the community and with this target I would like to set up a free legal advice clinic in this difficult circumstances when the Government is desperate to limit Legal Aid.


(Md Shafiqur Rahman)


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