Message from the Secretary

I thank you for all your support and wishes which have proven to be invaluable as always. Following the election in September 2013 where I became General Secretary for the society, we have organized over 33 hours of CPD training (Continued Professional Development) from October 2013 – October 2014 as well as networking events. We have ensured that the CPD courses that we run are of use and value to our practitioners ensuring that it is time and money well spent.

I offer my warmest and deepest welcome to all my fellow colleagues and activists who have come together to participate in this gathering of the finest British Bangladeshi legal minds in the UK. I am privileged to be the first directly elected General Secretary. Today after only six years of running this organisation, I am proud to say we have over one hundred active members who offer their time, support and loyalty which have allowed the organisation to grow and mature.

Indeed the SBS is one of the fastest growing law society focus groups and long may that continue.

A key aspect of the society this year has been mediating in respect of disputes involving our members. This had been an effective and confidential medium in which the SBS has been able to resolve issues without law society involvement and costs.

We also look to reach those in our home country. Over the next year, we intend to hold seminars in Bangladesh and hope that these events will offer us a chance to raise concern those are British Bangladeshis are experiencing in Bangladesh in particular investment and other social issues. Simultaneously we will also focus on to create legal awareness in our community here in the UK.

A special thanks must go to the executive committee of the SBS. As you are aware, over the past year we have put on many events, professional and social. Over the summer we organised a family day trip to camber sands which was a great success which saw a huge turnout. We have also organised other social events with the local community.

Of course we also must thank our families who support us in a manner which enables us to keep pace with one of the most demanding professions. I strongly believe this forum has given us an enhanced opportunity to represent our section of the profession in an effective manner. Professional development is not simply a 16 hour annual requirement, it is an obligation on all of us to ensure that we consistently deliver to the best of our abilities and I hope that this forum will continue to play a part in ensuring that aim.

(Mohammed Abul Kalam Chowdhury)


The Society of Bangladeshi Solicitors.

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